The Sunflower Seed Recipe You Need to Complete Any Healthy Snack


This sunflower seed recipe is incredible versatile. It’s packed with protein, magnesium and vitamin E, and it’s a great anti-inflammatory. So do your body a world of good while noshing on a quick and easy snack that’s perfect on just about anything. We toss with mixed greens, gluten free or veggie noodles, spread on apple slices, use in place of pesto, or just enjoy by the spoonful. . . let us know how you love to use it!

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An Easy Noodle Stir Fry Useful for the Best Summer Days


This delicious noodle stir fry recipe is gluten, flour free, and the perfect meal for a hot summer day. It’s quick and easy to flash cook, so we can get out and enjoy our long days outside (perfect for those long work days too). And since we avoid peanut butter on the 21-Day Clean Program cleanse, the “peanut” sauce is made with protein-rich/ nutrient-packed almond butter instead. Almond butter is considered alkalizing while peanut butter is acidic and inflammatory. This benefit is just another reason to enjoy this somewhat unconventional (but super tasty) noodle stir-fry!

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This Mushroom Steak Recipe Is Guaranteed to Make You Want More


A delicious alternative to a heavy steak, mushroom steaks — made with portobello mushrooms — are quick to cook and are a great alternative to meat. Packed with nutrition, portobellos are low in fat while high in fiber, selenium, potassium and B vitamins. They are excellent options for vegetarians, cleansers on the Clean Program, or anyone looking for a lighter “steak-like” meal. Perfect for throwing on the summer grill too!  

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Learn How to Tackle IBS With These Simple Strategies


Have you struggled with your digestion for a long time? You are not alone. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is the most common functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorder. According to the International Foundation of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, IBS affects between 25 and 45 million people in the United States, about 2/3 of which people are female. So what is IBS?

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Tuna Salad Without All the Mayonnaise


A great warm weather recipe, easy to throw together and incredibly versatile. We like to scoop it into lettuce leaves (so much better than bread on a hot summer’s day) or put it on top of mixed greens for an easy-to-pack lunch. It’s perfect for picnics too! The miso is a unique addition, giving you some digestive enzymes and important probiotics (hurrah for fermented foods!) along with a delicious flavor.

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Irresistibly Delicious Chocolate Fudge Brownies You Should Make


Can we have chocolate while on the Clean Program? The answer is a definite yes! Here are some chocolate fudge brownies to prove it. Free of flour, dairy, refined sugar, these are entirely cleanse-friendly. We feel like we’re indulging in a decadent treat, almost without noticing that we’re being packed with protein and healthy fats. There’s nothing to feel guilty about.

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