The Healthy Banana Bread Recipe That Will Rock Your Day


This delicious and healthy banana bread recipe is one of our favorites. It’s exactly what banana bread should be; moist, sweet and full of flavor. We substituted several of the typical ingredients for a better and healthier dish.

Enjoy this healthy banana bread recipe with friends, family, or just for yourself with some delicious homemade almond butter. Since it contains both eggs and bananas, this baked good works perfectly after you’ve finished the Clean Program.

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This Chicken Burger Recipe Will Make You Quit Red Meat


Everyone loves burgers, whether they are beef burgers, chicken burgers, or made out of another animal protein or vegetable. Juicy and flavorful, there aren’t many foods that satisfy quite like they do. But many of us may be trying to cut back on overall red meat consumption, or we might be cleansing on the Clean Program and are avoiding red meat for a certain amount of time. Do we have to give up burgers? Heck no! This chicken burger recipe (make them with turkey if you want) makes a crazy delicious meal that is also healthy. These chicken burgers provide our bodies with necessary protein and healthy fats, while making our taste buds really happy. Top with caramelized onions and we have a meal that’s sure to satisfy the whole family.

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The Easy Brussels Sprouts Recipe You Need to Know Now


This quick and easy Brussels sprouts recipe gives the vegetable a tasty makeover. These aren’t the bland and mushy sprouts some of us might think of. These easy Brussel sprouts are sweet, flavorful, and the coconut oil gives the dish an even more delicious taste. There are many reason for why people stress the importance of eating vegetables like these. Brussels are antifungal, anticarcinogenic, and DNA-stabilizing. These sprouts help lower cholesterol, fight inflammation, boost immunity, and are a great source of fiber. They also protect your eyes since they’re packed with Vitamin A, so if you’re on the computer a lot, eat your Brussels!

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This Is What Healthy Chicken and Waffles Looks Like


Incorporating last week’s gluten-free waffle recipe, here’s a complete meal that shows just one of the many ways you can use those versatile (and yummy) waffles. Our healthy chicken and waffles recipe is a Clean twist on the classic Southern meal. Usually served fried and covered in syrup, we’ve made this version entirely suitable for lunch on the Clean Gut Cleanse, by baking the chicken instead instead of frying and using coconut for the breading. And of course the waffles are gluten-free. This meal is packed with tender and juicy protein for some seriously healthy chicken and waffles and incredibly delicious grub. Hope y’all enjoy.

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A Soup and Sandwich Combo That Will Make You Happy


These two recipes together create a unique twist on the classic soup and sandwich combo. Parsnips come with a variety of nutritional benefits, including fiber, vitamin C, and folate. The vegan-friendly chèvre sandwich uses macadamia nut cheese, which is soft and with a texture similar to goat-cheese. The nut cheese doesn’t melt like cheddar, but this is no loss — it’s absolutely delicious. Prep the sandwiches while the soup is cooking. Wait until you’re reheating the soup before you grill the sandwiches, that way everything will be warm and ready to serve at the same time. The soup is perfect to have on the 21-Day Clean Program, but this soup and sandwich combo is great anytime. Enjoy.

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