Strength training trumps cardio


These days we hear more and more that regular strength training produces far greater physical and mental gains than just doing cardio workouts, and not just for men.
Many women think exercise equals hours spent on the treadmill to burn calories or a yoga class, but exercise doesn’t end there. In fact, women see new changes in their bodies with strength training that they would’ve never seen before with hours of cardio.
Strength training not only builds a lean, sculpted, strong body, it even boosts confidence and self-pride. Who’s not going to feel proud of themselves after doing their first pull up or deadlift?
Focusing on building strength, rather than just burning calories, may motivate you to keep showing up, and to cap it all off, you’ll help prevent bone density loss and diseases like osteoporosis as you age.

+ Love your cardio? Long runs, bikes and swims could be putting a lot of strain on your heart and causing too much stress. Easing up on the cardio and adding more strength training could be a healthier choice option.

Photo Credit: Andresr