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Roasted Acorn Squash Wedge Salad

by cleanteam in Recipes

This is a great way to enjoy some of the last fall greens, or if lettuce is no longer available where you live, try heartier mixed greens or just the acorn squash and sauce alone. Sunflowers are high in vitamin E (the body’s primary fat-soluble antioxidant), magnesium and selenium, and this delicious sauce has many uses so […]


What Do I Eat? Clean Snack Ideas

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here. It’s a few minutes to four o’clock and you feel your energy fading. You start to get irritated. Your mind wanders. The desserts your co-workers brought in are staring you in the face. This scenario is one version of what I like to call the late afternoon fade out. Your […]


Chia Seed Pudding

by cleanteam in Recipes

For Cleanse and Gut* Today’s chia seed pudding makes an excellent plant-based breakfast, dessert, snack, or pre-workout meal. Chia seeds are nutritional powerhouses loaded with fiber, protein, antioxidants, and nutrients like zinc and B-vitamins. Add in the nut milk and berries, with optional cacao or sweetener, and you’ve got yourself a great tasting clean meal. serves 2 prep […]

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What Do I Eat? Clean Lunch Ideas

by cleanteam in Clean Eats

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here. Last week, I shared with you the first meal template in our series, What do I eat?. We received a lot of positive feedback and we’re so happy to know that simple ideas can have a real impact. Here’s one community member’s feedback: “Sometimes when I’m hungry I don’t make […]


Three Clean Snack Recipes

by cleanteam in Clean Eats

Where possible, we encourage you to eat enough at meals so that you don’t feel the desire to snack, especially when on the cleanse. But sometimes a healthy, sweet or savory snack can make all the difference between feeling hungry and grumpy, and feeling energized and nourished. Fresh fruits, vegetables and shakes are always good […]


What Do I Eat? Clean Breakfast Ideas

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here. Years ago, I moved to Venice after working at the We Care Detoxification Spa in Palm Springs. This was a time when the “cleansing wave” followed me wherever I went. I found a great property, three blocks from the beach, with three small craftsman cottages that shared a garden. I […]


A Day On The Cleanse

by cleanteam in Clean Cleanse

One aspect of the Clean Cleanse that can be challenging for some is meal planning. As people get started on Clean, the most pressing question is: “What do I eat?” We’ve put together a sample One Day Meal Plan as a way to show you what a day of eating on the Cleanse could look […]

Eat the Rainbow

Eat the Rainbow

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Deanna Minich, here, Director of Science and Research at Clean. Many of us might be used to thinking about the almighty calorie when it comes to food. We might have even gone further to keep our vigilant eye on monitoring grams of fat, carbohydrate, and protein on food labels. However many of us overlook one […]


Four Plant Based Recipes

by cleanteam in Recipes

“You just can’t get all the phytonutrients you need to thrive without eating lots of colorful fruits and veggies.” – Alejandro Junger, M.D. As we reach the end of summer, there’s no better time to take advantage of full-flavored fresh fruits and vegetables that hydrate and satiate by providing plenty of nutrients, while still keeping […]

clean guide to cooking oils

Clean Guide to Cooking Oils

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here.  Which oils are the healthiest to cook with? And which ones should I avoid? Today, I want to answer these questions and share with you the Clean Guide to Cooking Oils created by my team. If there’s one thing in your diet you could change today that would have a huge impact long […]