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This Caramel Apple Recipe Is So Good It’s Scary


by cleanteam in Clean Eats

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season and the refined, sugar-filled sweets that come with it. Eating a clean, whole foods diet doesn’t mean we can’t participate in some indulgences! We’ve created this caramel apple recipe that both kids and adults will enjoy. It’s also 21-Day Clean Program compliant, for when those cravings strike! The caramel […]

Sweet Potato Toast – What Is It All About?


by cleanteam in Clean Eats

Sweet potato toast is one of our new favorite recipes to make these days. It’s gluten-free, simple to make, and we love that we can add a variety of different toppings. For this recipe, we used almond butter with slices of strawberries, as well as mashed avocado with lemon juice. Simply leave off the strawberries […]

How to Reduce Stress and Be Happier


by cleanteam in Clean Rx

Stress is the worst. We all understand it because we all feel it. It seems like we would have to move to outer space to avoid it (and that would have its own set of stresses)! Stress is an inevitability in our lives. Although we all want to know how to reduce stress, we can’t […]

How to Make Almond Butter Better


by cleanteam in Clean Eats

Nothing is more versatile than creamy, subtly sweet almond butter. We can use it as a smoothie ingredient for a dose of healthy fats in our Daily Shake, as a partner to fruit, or as a base in savory sauces. Good quality, raw almond butter should be a staple in any cook’s pantry. We love […]

No-Nonsense Guide to Exercise and Weight Loss


by cleanteam in Clean Life

“How much should I exercise? What is the best way to achieve weight loss?” are some of the most common questions we receive. During the 21-Day Clean Program, most people do experience some weight loss, but weight loss is not the primary focus of the program. However, weight loss and exercise are important health issues. […]

Zucchini Noodles That Will Make Your Life Better


by cleanteam in Clean Eats

This is one of my favorite recipes to make in the summertime. Zucchini noodles are super quick to make and only take a few ingredients. It’s a great option when coming off 7-Day or 21-Day Clean Program, or even on the cleanse if you eliminate the tomatoes (which are a nightshade).  This pesto is dairy-free and made with […]

Is Cortisol Getting the Best of You?


by cleanteam in Clean Rx

What is cortisol? Imagine running through the forest with a wild animal on your tail, coming right for you. You’re whipping through the trees, trying to escape, but you know this could be your last moment on this beautiful green earth. Your heart is palpitating, your palms are sweating, you’re on the verge of tears […]