Peppermint Chocolate Truffles

by Clean Team in Recipes

The perfect summer treat. Raw cacao and coconut manna for sustained fuel during the longer days and cooling peppermint for when temperatures heat up. Keep these in the freezer or fridge for a burst of low glycemic energy anytime. For Cleanse, Gut and Refresh makes 12-15 ½ ounce balls or you can also flatten into patties […]

Which Cleanse is Right for Me?

Which Cleanse is Right for Me? Part 2

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here.  What’s the difference between the Clean Cleanse and a juice cleanse? Last week, I shared with you what a cleansing program actually does in the body and what nutrients are needed to do it successfully. Today, I’m going to take you through the different types of popular cleansing programs like […]


Chilled Pea and Caramelized Onion Soup

by jenny in Recipes

A lovely summer soup, elegant, delicious and versatile. You can easily serve it warm too, for chillier nights year round. For Cleanse, Gut and Refresh makes 2 cups (serves 1) prep + cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients 2 tablespoons coconut oil 1 yellow onion (about 1 cup), dice small 1 cup fresh or frozen peas, […]

Which Cleanse is Right for Me?

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here.  We are living in a time with more access to information about cleansing and detoxification than ever before. From healing practices of traditional cultures to the cutting-edge science of supplementation and functional medicine, we are awash in different protocols and programs. But many questions remain. How do these programs differ? […]


My Way: Dr. Deanna Minich

by cleanteam in My Way

We are so happy to have Clean’s Director of Science and Research, Deanna Minich for our My Way feature. She is an incredibly passionate scientist and scholar of health and nutrition. Hi, my name is Deanna Minich. I was given the name of “Star Who Shines Many Colors” by my Shaman mentor, Char Sundust. From […]


Salmon Cakes

by Clean Team in Recipes

A new take on the classic crab cakes, these are perfect when cleansing in the summer when shellfish is off limits. Or try them as larger patties for delicious fish burgers. I would serve these alongside regular grass-fed burgers for a really yummy twist on a surf and turf dinner. Any way you make them, […]


The Power of Shakes

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here.  Shakes are one of the simplest ways to support your body’s natural ability to cleanse and detoxify. They’re also easy-to-make, taste great and are loaded with nutrition. I love juice and encourage you to have it often, but nothing beats the versatility of the shake. That’s why I’ve been incorporating them into […]


Roasted Chicken with Arugula Pesto

by jenny in Recipes

Another quick and easy, yet insanely delicious recipe from Chef Frank! Chicken pairs perfectly with this dairy-free pesto made from spring greens, that you’ll want to make extra of and keep on hand for general noshing.  For Cleanse, Gut and Refresh serves 2 prep time: 30 minutes cooking time: 20 minutes Ingredients 2 skin-on pastured chicken breasts sea […]


Sun, Skin, and Sunscreen

by cleanteam in Dr. Junger

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here.  In last week’s newsletter, I talked about the importance of supplementation and daily sunlight exposure to increase and maintain healthy vitamin D levels. Then I received this excellent question from a community member. She asked: How do we get more sun exposure to increase our vitamin D and protect ourselves […]


Quick Dilly Beans

by jenny in Recipes

We love this quick and easy recipe for semi-preserving the bounty of each season. You can vary the vegetable as well as the spices used but this one is a delicious classic that we can’t get enough of. A wonderfully healthy snack, or addition to salads, I find myself eating these out of the jar like […]