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Collard Wraps

by cleanteam in Recipes

This handheld snack provides a nutritionally-rich alternative to sandwiches and burritos. The medley of vegetables is high in vitamin C, while the miso spread adds protein and probiotics. Use it as a snack, side dish, or addition to your packed lunches. For Cleanse Makes: 10-12 rolls Prep Time: 30-40 minutes Ingredients: 1 bunch collard greens […]


Chocolate Apricot Shake

by cleanteam in Recipes

A shake-a-day habit is one of the easiest ways to stay clean for life. This week’s shake will help you continue that habit as we head into summer. It is a super-hydrating treat loaded with potassium from both the coconut water and apricots. Feel free to mix it up by using other fresh, local stone […]


Gingered Green Beans

by cleanteam in Recipes

Even though eating lots of Chinese takeout may not be the best health practice, that doesn’t mean you need to give up fresh Asian flavors. This simple side will add an antioxidant and fiber-rich punch to your table. Serve it alongside a simple roasted fish or chicken stir-fry. For Cleanse Serves: 4 as a side dish […]


The No-Nonsense Fat Loss Guide

by cleanteam in Articles

Weight loss is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive. During the Clean Program, most people do lose weight, but weight loss is not the focus. Yet weight loss is an important health issue. So we asked expert trainer Tanner Martty, owner of 34 North gym in Santa Monica, about what he feels […]


Rhubarb Crisp

by cleanteam in Recipes

Satisfy your summer pie craving with this easy and creative crisp.  We switched out traditional oats and flour with nuts, seeds, and coconut flakes. The rhubarb filling provides a natural digestive aid and a healthy dose of plant-based calcium. Pop it in the oven before sitting down for dinner and enjoy as an after meal […]


Why Women Need Strength Training

by cleanteam in Articles

When strength training is done in a balanced way, it can provide incredible health benefits. But often, weight training is thought to be reserved for men who want to get big and bulky. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Using weights powerfully stimulates the body to release hormones, growth factors and endorphins that build […]


Roasted Carrot and Almond Spread

by cleanteam in Recipes

Having healthy snacks on hand is an essential part of a successful Clean Program and Clean lifestyle. This roasted carrot and almond spread will add a bright boost of beta-carotene, healthy fats, and protein to your day. Pair it with simple, fresh veggies slices or get creative by adding it to gluten-free sandwiches. For Cleanse […]


Spiced Oat Bars

by cleanteam in Recipes

These homemade oat bars will make you forget that store bought snack bars ever existed. A comforting spice blend paired with the delightful oat texture is sure to win over the whole family. Buckwheat flour is used as a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour and provides an excellent source of additional fiber. Try them out […]


Roasted Chicken with Mushrooms and Spinach

by cleanteam in Recipes

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the most enjoyable. We topped this phytonutrient-rich vegetable medley with protein packed chicken for a delicious grain free dish. Pair this with our Blackberry-Thyme Tonic for a special night in. Serves: 2 Prep time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 1 6-8 ounce chicken breast (or use leftover chicken) […]