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Nourishing Chicken Soup

by cleanteam in Clean Eats

It’s the perfect time to pull out a classic, no-frills recipe. As we head deeper into the holiday season, this chicken soup will support your immunity and nourish you. Add in the swiss chard for taste and its ability to help regulate blood sugar. Pair with our Wild Rice and Brussels Sprouts Salad for a festive lunch […]

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The Gift of Gratitude

by cleanteam in Clean Life

There’s something magical about gratitude. Few actions can so quickly bring a smile to someone’s face or immediately change the energy of a room. When someone appreciates us, it feels really good. Gratitude just makes life better. It also happens to relax the body, reduce stress, improve digestion and deepen our relationships. But, for many of […]


Golden Milk: A Clean Alternative to an Ayurvedic Classic

by cleanteam in Clean Eats

Golden Milk is all the rage this season. This delicious warming drink-of-the-moment has been making its way into the clean eating scene. But what is Golden Milk? It’s a turmeric-infused traditional Ayurvedic drink that’s the perfect medicinal alternative to your daily cup of coffee. Other versions of Golden Milk often contain mucus-forming dairy and high-fructose sweeteners […]

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Join Dr. Junger’s 7 Day Detox Group Program

by cleanteam in Clean Programs

Hi everyone, Dr. Junger here. Starting on Tuesday, December 1st, I’ll be leading our Post-Thanksgiving, 7 Day Group Detox Program. This is an opportunity to get your health back on track in just 7 days. Why join the group? I lead our 21-Day Group Detox Program every January for over 6,000 people. Each year, hundreds of participants reach […]


Wild Rice and Brussels Sprout Salad

by cleanteam in Clean Eats

Ready for a hearty fall salad that packs some serious crunch? Wild rice, Brussels sprouts and cabbage create a power team of vitamin B and C to boost immunity and protein and fiber to keep things moving. Don’t be scared off by the overnight prep. This well-balanced salad is a great lunch option and would […]

Why Support is the Key to Success

by cleanteam in Clean Life

“Individual consciousness will refine you. Group consciousness will expand you.” — Yogi Bhajan You have clear intentions about improving your health. You want to eat healthier, lose weight, and have more energy. So what stops you from achieving your goals? What holds you back? The Clean Program is a wellspring of solutions and guidance for […]


Medicinal Mushroom Tea: This Season’s Immunity Elixer

by cleanteam in Clean Eats

Are you looking to boost your immunity this season? Try this medicinal mushroom tea in place of your daily cup of coffee.  Coffee can be dehydrating and taxing on the detox organs, especially during a cleanse. By replacing coffee beans with a medicinal mushroom tea, you are flooding your system with immunity-activating beta-glucans. The bitter […]

Why Growing A Mustache Can Improve Your Health

by cleanteam in Clean Life

It’s Movember (or No-Shave November) — a playful way to raise awareness about men’s health issues. Men all over the world will ditch their razors, grow out their mustaches and beards, and educate each other about how to lead healthier, balanced lives. For the men in our community (and those who love them), this is […]


Squash and Chickpea Curry

by cleanteam in Clean Eats

It wouldn’t be October without a warming seasonal squash recipe to cozy up with. This curry can be your holiday secret weapon. The dietary fibers in the squash and chickpeas help increase satiety, reduce appetite, and aid in weight management. And the medicinal spices warm the body as temperatures drop. Keep this dish on hand […]


Stay Clean For Halloween

by cleanteam in Clean Life

Halloween is just around the corner which means processed junk and candy everywhere. While there’s been a small push in the media to encourage giving out healthier items to trick-or-treating children, the promotion and availability of junk food can be irresistibly enticing. Never fear, we at the Clean team have put together a few suggestions […]