Have You Ever Wondered How to Increase Metabolism?


The body is an amazing thing, that we sometimes seem to take for granted. Every day our mind and body are keeping our heart beating, our hair growing, and our legs scaling a flight of stairs without us really realizing it. One big process that we rarely consider is our metabolism. We often hear people say that their metabolism has slowed as they age. We might then wonder how to increase metabolism, and what does that really mean?

Science has proven that if we carefully watch our daily habits (including our recommended Daily Shake), and implement necessary changes in our life, we can learn how to increase metabolism, and help speed up the process of breaking down and absorbing nutrients from our food.

Here are a few tips that we can add to our daily life to speed up our metabolism, help us burn calories faster, and even feel more energized:


A healthy metabolism breaks down our food quickly, and transfers it into energy. The top tip for increasing the rate of our metabolism is to add more movement into our day. I start my morning routine every day with a yoga pose or a quick exercise and it helps to jump-start my metabolism. The more we exercise, the more we add muscle mass to our body, which continues to burn fat for us during the day even after we’ve left the gym.

If we live a sedentary lifestyle we’re actually putting our body on sleep mode and slowing down our metabolism. It’s important to try to incorporate movement into our day whether it’s walking around the block, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.


Who doesn’t love to hear those words, am I right? Studies suggest that when we start eating more often at specific regular times scheduled through the day, it reduces cravings and helps boost our metabolism.

Another thing we can do, if we are wondering how to increase metabolism, is try to keep our main meals and the snacks in between at similar times from day to daySticking to our schedule gives our body a routine to get used to. 


When grocery shopping we are often drawn to those items being marketed to us as low-fat and fat-free, thinking that these might best help to shed the pounds.

However, the foods that are marketed to be low-fat this and fat-free that are usually LOADED with sugar, which can have an effect on our metabolism which is actually opposite to what we want. They cause our body to have an instant sugar spike when we eat them. This means a sugar crash a few hours later leads to intense cravings, and often we end up consuming even more sugar. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle.

The best way to avoid this love-triangle all together is to make sure that we’re adding a good balance of protein, healthy fats, and good carbs to keep sugar levels balanced and intense cravings at bay.


Green tea is rich in an almost magical antioxidant called catechin, which help your fat cells actually release fat. That means that when you choose green tea over your typical thirst-quencher, you’re giving your body extra tools to fight fat, and boost your metabolism. You’re giving your body the tools to turn your fat cells into energy to burn.


Written by Reese Evans, founder of Yessupply.